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$2.10 per km + 0.45 per min

*$7.40 minimum fare

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$2.70 per km

*$8.00 minimum fare

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$3.70 per km

*$10.00 minimum fare

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About us

Create and developed by a local ex taxi driver passionate about making transportation affordable to everyone in Queenstown Cheap Q Cabs aims to combine high standards by having only employees drivers with great value by offering the lowest taxi fares in Queenstown.

Thank you for everyone that has continue to support Cheap Q Cabs in Queenstown, the more you support us the more promo codes we will be sending you all!

We need drivers

We are now looking for owner drivers interested to join the Queenstown team! (limited spots available)

Pay only 50.00 per week levy fee. A one of set up fee applies to all new accounts. You will need to have a P endorsement and a vehicle with a security camera installed in it. Don't own a taxi? No problem, we have Taxis available for sale below. Live chat with us to learn more!

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